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& Visual design

Discover the power of leaving a lasting impression. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish a memorable brand identity or a well-established company seeking a fresh, captivating look, we are here to transform your brand into an unforgettable journey.


& Digital Design

Effective communication is at the core of any successful brand. With a focus on innovative design solutions, we empower your brand to not only stand out aesthetically but also effectively communicate its essence to your audience, fostering engagement and leaving an indelible mark.


Digital Marketing
& Adv

Transform your online presence and marketing strategies with our expert guidance. We offer website design, tailor-made marketing strategies, engaging social media communication, and innovative packaging solutions.


Social Media & Content

Through a carefully crafted blend of strategy and creativity, we empower you to navigate the dynamic landscape of social media, ensuring that each piece of content contributes to building a robust online community and fostering audience engagement.


Enhance your identity.

By relying on my marketing and graphic design services, you can achieve a rebirth of your corporate image and constant renewal that will enable you to achieve your business goals effectively and sustainably.

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Parisa P
Parisa P
Fenia Communication, guided by the adept Federica, excelled in defining our buyer personas and revamping our e-commerce UI design. Their work significantly enhanced user engagement and increased conversion rates, blending deep market insights with a user-focused design approach. Federica's professionalism and skill in highlighting our brand’s strengths made them an invaluable partner in our digital strategy. We highly recommend them for any e-commerce business aiming to elevate their online presence.
maddy brown
maddy brown
Fede is a delight to work with. She is knowledgeable, inspiring and very intentional with the work that she produces. I was thoroughly impressed with her integrity and honesty while honouring a fair price point for the project. I have already booked her for some secondary work on another project. Would highly recommend.
Edgar Andersen
Edgar Andersen
Fede from Fenia Communication has completely transformed our beauty salon's image and social media presence. Their attention to detail and sophistication in their work is outstanding. Our new brand look is elegant and perfectly represents our salon's essence. The marketing materials are beautiful, and our social media engagement has greatly improved. Fede was able to create visually stunning and strategically tailored content that resonates with our audience. With Fenia Communication, Fede bring Italian quality to every project, focusing on sophistication and detail. They've made our salon look even better. If you want to improve your brand and communication, I highly recommend Fenia Communication as your partner.
Identidade Literária - Bruna
Identidade Literária - Bruna
Amazing marketing agency, Federica is very patient, she has helped me to understand my business needs
Tara Abernethy
Tara Abernethy
Fenia Communication is an amazing Marketing and Graphic Design Agency. They handled my brochure project with consummate professionalism and really understood my brand. I am thrilled to recommend Fenia Communication for their creativity, attention to detail, excellent communication, and willingness to work under the pressure of a deadline and meet it. They exceeded my expectations on the collaboration. I was also delighted with the photo shoot. Fenia Communication is efficient and effective and their expertise is enhanced with their impressive talent for design, brand communication and storytelling. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the brochure. I have had many compliments on it.

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